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We provide top-rated Atlanta Tree Removal Service, trimming, and lawn service company. Being a local company with huge experience in serving Cobb County’s residents, we are your one-stop resort for all kinds of tree services including Marietta tree removal, emergency tree removal, cutting trees over power lines, etc. Driven by the core philosophy of customer service excellence & customer satisfaction, we exert great efforts in providing you the best tree services in Cobb County, GA, and surrounding areas: Marietta, Smyrna, Mableton, Kennesaw, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Acworth, Woodstock, Hiram, Douglasville and more.

We offer the following tree services:

Tree Removal (including removal of old/diseased “at-risk” trees)

Tree Trimming (trimming over power lines etc.)

Tree Cutting (partial cutting for tree height-reduction or complete knockdown)

Tree Stump Removal

Tree Pruning

Certified Tree Arborist 

Tree Care (disease treatment & preventive)

Tree Bracing & Cabling

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Why Should You Go With Us?

Highly Experienced: We have been providing elite, personalized, and affordable Atlanta Tree Removal Service to Cobb clients for generations. What differentiates us is our extensive on-field experience gained from servicing all kinds of clients including residential, commercial, and government. We are way ahead of other providers as we have technical superiority, technological edge, and a highly skilled team of experts that have decades of intergenerational experience and wisdom to provide you with the best and the safest tree service in the whole Metro area.

Licensed, Insured & Bonded: We are a select licensed Marietta tree removal service company. We are insured & bonded which means that you are always in the safest spot against damages. Having mentioned that, we follow industry-leading safety practices to deliver you the best and the safest service experience.

Our Reputation: We are the top-rated and most preferred tree service & lawn care provider in Cobb County, GA. Our broad clientele has been relying on us for generations for all kinds of tree removal, arborist, pruning & lawn care services.

Affordable Pricing: We live for the smile, happiness & satisfaction of our clients. The only way to achieve that is to deliver the best tree services at the most affordable prices. We have earned a place in the minds and hearts of our great and patron clients by repeatedly delivering the best and safest tree services at affordable prices.

Call US: 770-293-7630

Affordable Pricing!

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    About our Atlanta Tree Removal Company

    tree removal crewOur team has been providing Atlanta Tree Removal service for many years. Our tree removal business is family operated and yet, we have given extra care of our work in the community. When time passes through, our tree service finally expanded. With more than 7 years of experience in removals, our main objective has always been to find the best solutions for the property of our clients. Always in close collaboration with clients, we look to get the job done right and satisfy our clients. From the initial design of the garden to the maintenance of the same, we take care of everything necessary: Supply of materials, installation of automatic irrigation systems, planting of grass, planting trees and shrubs, construction of Pergolas and wooden pallets, pruning trees, trimming and forming hedges and bushes, and finally the maintenance of the garden to control its correct development. Due to the request of our satisfied clients and repeat customers, the 3 of us started to build a full tree service. Our Marietta Tree Removal Service enables our customers to get the best tree removal service with a professional team and equipment. This is our passion. We are three boys growing up in the gardening business and we love working with our jeans and t-shirts on. As professionals, we also never lose interest in learning new skills to effectively and efficiently cut the trees down. Resulting in a better performance in each service we provide day by day. We pride ourselves on honesty and hard work. That is why, our crew is friendly, skillful, and knowledgeable in its field. Our complete tree service is the one you ever need to hire in Cobb County, GA.

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    Why Pick an Experienced Atlanta Tree Removal Company?

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    Removing a tree from any type of property can be a dangerous job simply because of the sheer weight of a tree and the height above the ground (up to 100 feet and above) at which our service personnel works. By now, you must have gotten aware that it’s not the job of a newbie tree service company to handle this utterly responsible job. These newbie service providers have “rookie personnel” who neither possess skills and expertise nor the patience required in cutting or knocking down trees. You must only trust an experienced and local tree removal service in Atlanta, Ga like ourselves to deliver you the best & safest possible tree services in the entire Metro Atlanta area.

    We care for our employees as much as we care for our clients because they are the key to bring client expectations to life. It is the combined knowledge, skills, and experience of the company and our technical experts that enable us to cater unparalleled tree services to Cobb locals. Additionally, all our service personnel are highly trained and use ISA-compliant safety tools while working in and around your premises. We impart intensive training to each of our service personnel and put their skills to test under the strenuous conditions of a forest where they demonstrate their tree-climbing, tree-servicing & “under-pressure” decision-making skills.

    Why go with us for any of your tree services needs? This is because we have been in this business for generations and we have built over the already extensive experience of our founding ancestors to deliver you elite & ethical tree services in Marietta, Ga. Our clients trust us because of the generations of experience that has trickled down ever since on both sides – our side as we have learned a great deal from the founders and clients’ side as generations of clients have always had the quality and consistent service experience with us.

    Benefits of Marietta Tree Removal Service

    • Great for Tree-Health: Trimming is necessary to remove dead leaves and branches to prevent them from diseases and to promote orderly and directional growth. It also prevents dead leaves from collecting on the ground & thus, saves you time & effort in daily cleaning of your front garden or backyards or home outdoors.
    • To Manage Tree Growth: A picture-perfect outdoor and impressive indoor adds to the scenic beauty of your house. Regular trimming ensures that the trees and plantations inside and outside your house are best managed for their size (width & height) the way you want. Trimming ensures that the tree canopy does not block the pure sun rays your body likes to eat in the morning. Trimming at regular intervals is also recommended to prevent trees from coming into contact with power lines.
    • To Improve The Quality & Taste of Fruits: If you get your trees trimmed regularly, it’s the best gift you can ever give to your trees to reward them back for their gift of life to us. Removal of dead branches & necrotic leaves is a standard part of our routine tree-trimming service. This ensures that the nutrients get effectively absorbed by the roots & delivered to the lively fruit-bearing tree branches, & add bulk to the fruits.

    Emergency Atlanta Tree Removal

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    We know the tactics-in-trade for all possible kinds of tree services including emergency tree removal. We keep available 24/7/365 for all kinds of emergency situations like storms, the collapse of old/diseased trees, etc. Our team is highly specialized to provide a tactical response in these kinds of emergency situations when you need a professional for emergency tree removal. You can contact us at all times.

    Stump Grinding in Atlanta GA

    ATL Tree Service
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    Being a company in Cobb County that specializes in tree services enables us to assist with Stump grinding, felling, and transplanting of new trees (like palm trees, shade trees, fruit trees, and shrubs. Our tree service crews are highly skilled and only use the best practices. They know exactly how to get the job done properly by utilizing our field machinery and their safety training.

    Not all Stump grinding is the same, even in specimens of the same species, hence good planning of the work to be done is required. The accumulated experience of our personnel in pruning and felling, of more than 20 years, allows us to carry out the necessary preliminary work to ensure the effectiveness and control of risks.

    To carry out the operations of pruning, felling, and transplanting of specimens, we have all kinds of heavy machinery (trucks, cranes, baskets, backhoes, …) and light (large chainsaws, pruning saws, …)

    We work pruning and felling of all kinds of trees (oaks, ficus, pines …), pruning fruit trees (plums, apple trees, orange trees, olives …), pruning bushes (roses, hibiscus, hydrangeas …), pruning palm trees and hedges. In addition, we are specialized in the service of pruning in height.

    Company Goals and Mission

    There is nothing that embellishes more a home than the perfect tree. Atlanta Tree Removal offers you a great variety of Tree Services in Marietta,Ga and we will help you choose the right tree for your property. We are experts in clearing tree debris and attending to at-risk trees.

    Trees of different sizes and shapes can be used to create the basis of our landscaping design.

    With our, Cobb Tree Removal offers a variety of services for your trees. We can perform cleaning and training pruning. Pruning your trees gives you security, promotes the health of your tree and embellishes it. But improper pruning can weaken the plant and cause extensive damage to its trees.

    In fact, we have expert arborists; and we understand the importance of a tree in your garden. We have the skills and equipment to prune your trees, ensuring their appearance, health, and safety.

    The trees are of incalculable value to our environment. The trees provide us with a better quality of oxygen, lower the temperature, give us shade, privacy, reduce noise, are barriers against the wind. In addition, its deep roots help us avoid soil erosion.

    In addition to all the design work and physical work of building a garden, there is a lot of permission to deal with. We at Cobb Tree Service help you with this aspect. We work any permit or municipal regulation necessary to speed up the construction of your garden.

    Our professionals have accredited training in tree trimming, work at height and chainsaw operation. We also carry out clearings of parcels and rural or forestry properties, create security perimeters to avoid possible fires, carry out fumigations and eliminate processionary. Consult us and ask for a budget without obligation.

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